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Interview with Wendy Ryan

Show Notes

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Wendy Ryan is the Founder and CEO of Kadabra, based in
Silicon Valley. A strategic advisor to board members and
CEOs and an angel investor, Wendy is an expert on
leadership and gender issues in the workplace, and is a
sought after mentor for rising talent - including other
consultants and consulting firms.
With over 25 years of combined experience in human
resources, organizational development, non-profit
leadership and executive coaching, Wendy has worked
with hundreds of individuals and organizations.
Throughout her career, Wendy's outstanding ability to
build trust and rapport with diverse audiences, and her
agility in assessing and engaging individuals and groups
from "where they are" has facilitated breakthroughs and
business results. As a speaker, her natural warmth and
humor captivates her audience and her intellect challenges
their assumptions about what is possible for us to achieve
individually and collectively.
In her consulting work, Wendy customizes research-based
best practices to work with each client's unique culture
and business model. She is an expert in organizational
and individual assessments, leadership development,
strategic visioning and implementing organizational
change. Wendy also understands the dynamics of
entrepreneurship, venture capital and private equity
funding and seamlessly integrates those dynamics into her
work for the benefit of her clients.
Wendy holds a Master's Degree in Human Resources and
Organizational Development from the University of San
Francisco in addition to a post-graduate Certificate in
Management and Innovation from Bentley College and
dual Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and Spanish from
the University of California at Davis.

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